What they have said about the author:KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

  • ‘quietly authoritative’ ,  Martin Bashforth, York Alternative History
  • ‘distinguished historian’,  Huddersfield Local History Society.
  • ’eminent industrial historian’ , John Sykes Esq, former Conservative MP for Whitby (Huddersfield Examiner).
  • ‘TV Star, Luddite historian and Bedroom Tax defendant’  Socialist Workers’ Party (Huddersfield Worker Bulletin).
  • ‘evil bastard’  Redwatch, fascist website.
  • ‘**********’    Mehboob Khan, Labour Leader of Kirklees Metropolitan Council (clue:  sounds like a colloquial term for the Nightjar).

The material published on this site is only a fraction of the research I have done.  If your search doesn’t reveal the information you want please get in touch.  I may have more details on your topic of interest, particularly relating to the industrial, social and political  history of the Huddersfield area.  Also, if you have any comments, criticisms, queries, or additional information relating to any of these articles, or other aspects of Huddersfield and Radical history, please contact me using the form below:

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