‘At War with the Facts’ – a rebuttal of Richard Jones’ ‘At War with the Future’ in History Today, May 2012

Below is a response to the article about the Luddites written by Cambridge University Student Richard Jones and published in the May 2012 edition of ‘History Today’. The article has been written jointly by myself, Luddite Bicentenary author Richard Holland, and the Luddites 200 Organising Forum. As delegates to the Huddersfield University Luddites Conference in May 2012, we were pleased to noticed Richard Jones’ name on the attendance list, but disappointed when he then failed to appear. We were keen to discuss his work with him, and have contacted him asking to see his research. So far, he has not replied to our emails. We look forward to a rejoinder. ‘History Today’ refused to publish even an edited version of this, on the grounds that it included Ad Hominem abuse ! Continue reading